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Sustainability on Slättö

Slättö will make a positive contribution to social development by developing, refining and managing sustainable properties with limited impact on the climate and the earth's ecosystem. We create safe and healthy environments that motivate tenants to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Conducting integrated sustainability work sets high standards. From the idea stage, through the decision-making process, towards completion of the project, during management and further towards possible divestment - sustainability aspects are considered throughout our value chain. Through our funds, we create communities and places for the future.

Slättö's sustainability report

Sustainability trends will reshape the future of the real estate industry. These trends create new risks and opportunities. The ability to anticipate and lead these changes while generating returns will be crucial to Slättö's continued success as an investor and fund manager. In our latest sustainability report, you can read about our commitments and actions.

Buildings today have a large carbon footprint, accounting for 37 % of global energy-related carbon emissions. The industry must rapidly reduce its footprint to adapt and meet countries' net-zero targets. Saving energy and switching to renewable sources in buildings has been highly debated and in the future will all become clearer, driven by regulation, the geopolitical context and energy prices.

On the social side, housing needs in fast-growing urban areas will continue to grow and new housing stock must be affordable and contribute to social equality and inclusion.

In terms of governance by authorities, the demand for transparency and accountability is increasing. The EU's new legislation on sustainable finance aims to make it easier for investors to compare and reward fund managers who are leaders in sustainability.

Slättö will invest with these trends in mind as we scan for new investment opportunities and manage our portfolio. Our corporate culture - based on the values of Commitment, Entrepreneurship, Responsibility and Transparency - guides us as we test new innovations and dare to change the way we do business.

Slättö has committed to new sustainability goals for us as a fund manager and our portfolio. We now focus on improving the energy performance of older buildings and invest in the construction of new properties with environmental certification and EU green taxonomy criteria in mind. In addition, we have made progress in measuring our carbon emissions throughout the value chain and work with community organizations to contribute to safe, secure and fair housing.

Read more about our commitments, actions and partnerships in our sustainability report. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or opinions, we have an interesting journey ahead of us and would love to hear from you. 

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We support the UN Global Compact

Slättö Förvaltning AB has signed the UN Global Compact. For us it is a matter of course to work for the ten principles regarding human rights, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption through responsible business. In 2021, we conducted our first Communication on progress. 

Slatless Code of Conduct and Code of conduct for suppliers is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

A pri

Slättö Förvaltning AB is affiliated with UN PRI and we have thus committed to integrating their six principles regarding responsible investment and to report the results of the work annually.
  1. Slättö shall consider environmental, social and corporate governance aspects in investment analysis and decision-making processes.
  2. Slättö shall be an active owner and include ESG factors in its ownership policy and processes.
  3. Slättö shall strive to provide transparent and adequate reporting on ESG issues.
  4. Slättö will promote the acceptance and implementation of the PRI by other investors and stakeholders.
  5. Slättö will cooperate with other stakeholders to make the implementation of PRI more effective.
  6. Slättö must report and account for the implementation of the work on responsibility issues on an annual basis.
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