Exterior rendering of an apartment building.

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Throughout Sweden's growth areas, we develop comfortable and personalized apartments that combine sustainability with award-winning architecture.

We develop our homes according to a simple basic principle - to always create long-term value and high perceived quality for our customers and partners. In this way, we build both today's and tomorrow's housing.

Below you will find our ongoing projects.

Inre Hamnen - Norrköping

Sale in progress

Inre Hamnen will be an attractive destination for Norrköping residents and visitors with both urban and recreational environments as well as housing that encourages meetings, activities and a sustainable lifestyle.


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Rendering of apartment buildings in the Inner Harbour.

Silhouettes - Stockholm

Sale in progress

In Silhuetten, Slättö and Sveaviken Bostad are planning a city block with 206 cooperative apartments and 13 bookstores. The starting point is to create well-planned housing where commitment, creativity and innovation are allowed to grow in an inspiring environment.

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Rendering of apartment building Silhouette.

r:2 - Helsingborg

Sold out

The new Helsingborg is growing rapidly. Where Ringstorp is at its greenest and most charming, new neighborhoods are springing up with generous views of some of southern Sweden's most beautiful vistas.


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Indoor view of the bedroom of the Polaris sound project

Uppsala Puls - Uppsala

Sold out

In rapidly expanding Uppsala, a new inspiring district is emerging with housing, commerce, services, campus character and park and nature areas in a prime location a few minutes' bike ride from Uppsala city center.


Rendering of apartment buildings in Uppsala.

Körsbärsparken - Nykvarn

Sold out

Welcome to Körsbärsparken in the center of Nykvarn. Here you will live in the middle of a new and fresh center that will offer cozy shops, cafes, restaurants, good services, excellent communication to Stockholm and a blooming cherry square.


Indoor picture from a living room in a small apartment in Nykvarn.

Futura - Lund

Sold out

In northeast Lund, the new sustainable city district Brunnshög is emerging. With the two world-unique research facilities Max IV and ESS as its hub, Brunnshög will eventually offer housing, services and workplaces for almost 40,000 people.


Rendering of the Parkhem Futura apartment buildings.
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