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To rent at Slättö

I'm glad you're interested in renting an apartment with us!

Below is a detailed explanation of the rental process - from the expression of interest to the signed rental contract. Here you will also find the requirements for renting an apartment.

This is how it works

Show interest

To rent an apartment from us at Slättö, you need to show us your interest.

On each project page for the projects where renting is ongoing, you can easily see which apartments are available via the link "Choose your apartment". For all upcoming projects, the easiest way is to fill out a registration of interest to receive information about updates but above all about when the rental for the specific project starts.

In other words, you can show us your interest by sending us an expression of interest, coming to one of our scheduled viewings or booking a specific apartment through our project page at HomeQ.

You can take the opportunity to create a profile with us even before the start of the rental. HomeQ for faster processing of your application when the project is available for rent.


Registration of interest via the project page

Slättö builds residential buildings from scratch, which also includes discussions with municipalities at an early stage. This means that you as a tenant may experience that it takes time before the project is ready for letting. Most construction projects take around three years once we start the design phase. As soon as a construction project is available on our website, you are welcome to register your interest. You always fill out an expression of interest on the page that shows the project for the property you are interested in.

An expression of interest is not binding, neither for you as a tenant nor for us as a property owner. However, an expression of interest means that you will receive more information about the construction project you have expressed interest in as soon as we approach the start of the rental period.

When we send information about the start of rentals and viewings, we apply the "first come, first served" principle based on the expressions of interest we receive.  

For future housing

Before the release of our homes, Slättö may organize open viewings. These are announced with time and date on our website.

If you would like to receive information about the next exhibition by email, you can fill in an expression of interest on the page showing the project you are interested in.

During the viewing, it is important that you follow our instructions, as you are visiting a construction site. In most cases, we will only show one apartment, but you will of course have the opportunity to see materials related to all apartments in the house and/or block.

However, you do not need to have attended a viewing to rent an apartment with us!

Applying for an apartment

As the project approaches the start of the rental period, the apartments are linked to a project page via the HomeQ rental system. The landing page you see via the "Choose your apartment" button shows all of the project's available apartments. This is where you apply for a specific apartment that suits your needs.

Slättö does not have a queuing system, so rented apartments are not available.

Once an apartment application is made, you can expect a response from the lettings team if your application has been successful.

Please note that this is an application and not a booking, so several people can express interest in the same apartment. Slättö applies the "first come, first served" principle in the order in which applications are received.

Neither you as a tenant nor we as a landlord commit to anything until we have signed a valid rental agreement for your desired property.

If you have any questions about the apartments on the project page, or about the project in general, please feel free to contact us.  

What happens after I have made an application?

We check that the apartment is available for you. We then check your proof of employment or income statement for the last 3 months and that you comply with our rental policy. We will then contact you.

The apartment is not reserved until the rental contract is signed.

Good luck!  

Requirements for renting an apartment at Slättö

To rent an apartment at Slättö, you must apply:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have a Swedish personal identity number;
  • and have their own income.

Income includes salary, pension and student grants, but not child benefit or income support (formerly social assistance). Housing allowance, activity allowance and parental allowance are accepted provided there is additional income from employment.

The gross monthly income should be equivalent to 2.5 months' rent. If your income is not commensurate with the rent, you can still be approved as a tenant with a guarantor.

If you have payment remarks or any debt with the Swedish Enforcement Authority, you are welcome to apply for an apartment together with a guarantor with good finances. An individual assessment is then made.

When you apply to live in one of Slättö's apartments, you must be able to prove your income through proof of employment and pay slips. We also carry out a credit check on all our applicants before approving them as tenants with us.

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