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Rendering of residential building with nature in front, in the Vegabacken neighborhood in Vega.

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Stockholm, our capital and perhaps the country's most difficult city to find accommodation in. Finding an apartment in Stockholm to rent at short notice can be an impossible task but Slättö tries to remedy this through several projects where we build and mediate apartments in different parts of Stockholm. If you want to see our available rental apartments in Stockholm, you can take a look at this link Our rental properties and select a district in Stockholm under the Location tab.

Stockholm is the country's center for business, entertainment and shopping. Here you have access to almost everything, whether it's good food from around the world, regular concerts with world-famous artists or huge shopping centers with stores, cafes and cinemas. However, Stockholm is very large and the different parts of the city differ in many ways.

In this article you can read about some of the most popular neighborhoods both in central Stockholm and outside the city. Register interest in our available projects to start our rental process, which goes from expression of interest to signing a contract. You can read about the different steps here.

Apartments in Stockholm for rent

Stockholm's housing market can feel impossible if you don't know where to start. There's a housing queue that many people join on the day they turn 18, but waiting times can be up to 10-15 years before you find a decent apartment. If you don't want to buy a condominium or are friends with a landlord, there are a few other methods you can try to find a rental apartment in Stockholm.

Subletting is the most common solution. The advantages of this are that you don't have to queue, you can choose to live virtually anywhere in the city and it's perfect for those who are only staying in Stockholm for a fixed period of time. The main disadvantage is that subletting is often much more expensive than renting from a landlord. Another disadvantage is that you often move into a furnished apartment and have to take care of the landlord's furniture.

A simpler and more concrete solution is to rent new production or to contact a landlord like Slättö. We have several ongoing and planned housing projects and if you are interested in one of our rental apartments in Stockholm, you can register your interest directly through us. Almost all our projects are first come, first served, which means that you can get a first-hand contract in Stockholm without standing in long housing queues via Slättö. Click on our project page today to see all our projects.

The different areas of Stockholm

Stockholm can sometimes feel like several smaller cities in one. Depending on which part of the city you live in, the environment can be completely different from if you lived in another part of the city. The difference between Gamla Stan in the center of the city and out in Nacka, for example, is very different in terms of what you have available in the immediate area. Below you can read quick guides to the different parts of Stockholm and decide for yourself which part of the city suits you best.

City - Inside the Customs

In central Stockholm you live close to the city's best restaurants, finest shopping streets and above all Stockholm's enormous nightlife. Of course, there is also plenty of culture with several museums and the Royal Palace. The best thing about living in the city is that you really live in the middle of the city. All public transportation runs through the city and you can get to the rest of the city by bus, metro, tram or commuter train. From central Stockholm you can also get to Arlanda in 20 minutes with the Arlanda Express.

Northern Stockholm

North of the city you will find popular residential areas such as Täby and, a little further out, Upplands-Bro. Täby is very attractive due to its proximity to the city and its own shopping center in Täby Centrum. Here you live a short distance outside the city but can get to the city quickly by both car and public transport. In Upplands-Bro you live closer to nature and forest in northwest Stockholm. From here you can get to the city in half an hour by commuter train and have nature outside the kitchen window.

Eastern Stockholm

Eastern Stockholm includes residential areas such as Nacka, Värmdö and the Stockholm archipelago. The further east you go, the sparser the land masses become and this is where you'll want to live if you enjoy sailing on the sea. Although all of Stockholm is technically close to water, eastern Stockholm is close to the Baltic Sea and the thousands of islands that make up the archipelago. Buses and trams run to Nacka and Värmdö from Slussen.

Western Stockholm

In western Stockholm we find densely populated areas such as Bromma, Spånga and Järfälla. In these areas there are several large shopping areas such as Barkarby Handelsplats and Bromma Blocks. Barkarbystaden is a new neighborhood built on the site of a former airport. There are lots of newly produced apartments here. You can take the commuter train, metro and buses from the western part of the city to the city center.

South Stockholm

The southern part of Stockholm starts with charming areas like Midsommarkransen and Älvsjö and extends out to multicultural Skärholmen and green Tyresö. Closer to the city, you'll find many of the same qualities that you have inside the city limits, but there's less hustle and bustle and the area feels more relaxed. Out in Skärholmen you will find one of southern Stockholm's largest shopping areas and in Tyresö you live close to forest and water. Southwestern Stockholm is accessible by metro and commuter train, while southeastern Stockholm is only accessible by bus.

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