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Uppsala is located about 2 hours by car north of Stockholm and is today Sweden's fourth largest city. Known both as one of Sweden's major student cities and for its rich range of cultural life, restaurants and shopping. Here you also live close to many beautiful green areas and a vibrant countryside. The charming combination of nature and culture attracts 4000 people to move to Uppsala every year. Slättö manages several apartment projects and if you want to rent an apartment, take a look at all our existing projects. here.

Small town feel in a big city

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So why do so many people choose to move to Uppsala? It is not only the oldest university in the Nordic region or the beautiful parks that make Uppsala a very popular city to live in. Here we find world-leading research at the two universities and Uppsala is therefore closely related to learning and development. The city also has Sweden's fastest growing labor market with several new attractive job opportunities for newcomers.

From here you can get to Arlanda in 18 minutes by train and to central Stockholm in half an hour. Almost 22,000 people commute to Uppsala every day, both for studies and work. Living close to our capital has its advantages, especially if you have family in Stockholm.

But it is also Uppsala's small-town charm that makes so many people happy to live in Uppsala all their lives. Despite being one of Sweden's oldest cities that has grown both in size and population, Uppsala has managed to retain its homely small-town feel. Distances are short in the city and you can get around the entire city by bike if you don't prefer to take one of the many buses that serve the city.

In short, Uppsala has almost everything that big cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg have to offer but without the sometimes stressful, daily metropolitan rhythm that residents of larger cities can suffer from. In Uppsala you can take it easy, have a relaxed everyday life without compromising your career or studies.

The different areas of Uppsala

If you're planning to rent an apartment in Uppsala, a smart first step is to learn a bit more about the different areas of the city. This charming city has a lot to offer, from vibrant inner city life to homes close to nature with easy commuting options. Below you can read more about the different areas of Uppsala and what makes each part of this small city unique.


Uppsala's heart and most central area, where almost 13,000 people live. Here you live close to beautiful architecture, fantastic shopping and can get to all parts of the city via the many bus lines. In the center there are both homes from the 19th century to brand new apartment buildings. Here you live centrally and are close to everything.


Kungsängen is a district located in the southern part of Uppsala city center, east of the Fyrisån river. Many new offices and homes in Uppsala have been built in this neighborhood, which used to be the city's largest industrial area. Here you can live close to work and, on weekends, take a walk to the beautiful Tullgarnsparken, which is right by the Fyrisån river. You can also get to the center of Uppsala quickly, either by bus or bike.


The neighborhood preferred by many academics and students. In Luthagen, you live a stone's throw from the city center and, just like housing in Uppsala, you are surrounded by outstanding architecture and culture when you live here. This is also the location of the Gillbergska Huset, a magnificent building that served as an orphanage until 1983.


The most popular student area in Uppsala. This is where students celebrate the end of the semester or finished exams. Most people who live in Flogsta prefer to take the bike over the car, which means it is relatively easy to find a parking space.


The popular area where the swimming pool and event center Fyrishov is located. Svartbäcken is the most visited neighborhood in Uppsala, mostly thanks to Fyrishov. This is also one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in. Nearby are schools, culture, entertainment and many green areas. With many bus lines and close to the E4 highway, Svartbäcken is also popular among commuters.


Norby is a very nice and child-friendly area, where most people live in villas. A bit south of the villa areas you will find the relatively new neighborhood Gottsunda, where instead high apartment buildings dominate. Norby is located southwest of Centrum, about a quarter of an hour by bus from central Uppsala.

Fullerö Hage

A quiet and family-friendly area a bit outside Uppsala where you live next door to nature. The children can swim in the nearby bathing area at Fyrisån and you live close to leisure activities, schools and restaurants in both Storvreta and Uppsala. Fullerö Hage is a perfect neighborhood for those who want to live close to, but not in, Uppsala itself. The area is located right by the E4 highway and highway 290, which makes it easy to commute. Fullerö Hage is growing rapidly with plans for a new school, sports hall, preschool, restaurant and a business park.

Housing in Uppsala - Not just for students

Rendering of apartment building belonging to Senapsfabriken.

Uppsala University was founded in 1477 and since then students have been moving to Uppsala to study. If you want to rent an apartment in Uppsala, you can read more on our page for rental apartments in Uppsala, where we take a closer look at the best areas for you to live in.

However, Uppsala has a lot to offer, even if you are not a student. If you want to read more about our housing in Uppsala and how to find accommodation through us, you can read about what it is like. to rent with us. Here we describe the entire rental process in detail. We also have a page with questions and answers for those who want to rent an apartment in Uppsala.

On our project pages you can find an apartment that suits you and your needs. We manage apartments in several parts of the city and on our rentals page you can see which projects are currently available. You can also search for apartments and projects in other parts of the country on the same page by sorting by location.

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