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Malmköping is a small gem beautifully situated in the heart of Sörmland. With its charming small town feel and surrounding greenery, Malmköping is a dream destination for anyone looking for a quiet and relaxing existence.

The city is full of historical sights and cultural experiences. These include the popular Malmköping Hembygdsmuseum, where you can explore the city's history and learn about its rich cultural heritage. For those interested in art and design, Malmköping is also home to several creative studios and galleries.

Malmköping is Flen municipality's second largest urban area and has a close connection to Eskilstuna, about 20 miles away. It is easy to get between the two cities by car, bus or train, making it convenient to visit Eskilstuna's attractions and events during your stay in Malmköping.

Rent an apartment in Malmköping

Rendering of apartment building in Floradal Malmköping.

Malmköping is a popular tourist town and also the municipality's tourist center. There are activities for young and old, all year round. Five minutes walk from the center is Hosjön with swimming, sandy beach, piers and diving tower, barbecue area, beach volleyball court and adventure golf course.

For the adventurous, there is also plenty to do in Malmköping. Take a ride on the Malmköping train, which takes you on a journey through the beautiful Sörmland nature. Or why not try fishing in one of the town's many lakes? For those who like to hike, there are also several beautiful hiking trails to explore.

Malmköping is also known for its fantastic food and drink. There are several cozy cafés and restaurants serving everything from traditional home cooking to modern dishes with local ingredients. Don't miss the chance to try some of the town's specialties, such as the well-known Malmköping sausage or the popular Malmköping beer.

Come and discover this little jewel in Sörmland - you won't be disappointed!

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Interior of an apartment with an armchair by the window and decoration on the edge of the window. View of fields and forest during winter time.

In Malmköping you can find peace and quiet in everyday life without living too far from the big city. Nature and forests are always just a short walk away and the proximity to cities like Flen and Eskilstuna makes commuting easy.

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