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Rent an apartment in Borgholm

In eastern Småland, on Öland, lies one of Sweden's most charming towns: Borgholm. Borgholm is home to over 10,000 inhabitants and is a popular summer town. Activities and events are organized in the city and this is a great city for everyone.

Slättö builds and manages rental apartments all over Sweden. Through Slättö you can rent an apartment in Borgholm and many other Swedish cities. We manage both modern apartment buildings with smart solutions and well-thought-out floor plans, as well as older stocks with their charm. We also place great emphasis on our customer service and do our utmost to make our tenants feel comfortable in our rental apartments.

Rent an apartment in Borgholm

Borgholm has been a popular bathing and spa resort since 1864. The air on the island was considered special and beneficial at the time. Guests from all over the country flocked there via boats between Borgholm and Stockholm. Tourism exploded on Öland with the opening of the Öland Bridge in 1972. Since then, Borgholm has also earned its place on the map and is a well-visited and popular town. In Borgholm, activities, concerts and events take place all year round, mainly during the summer. For example, the well-known celebration of Crown Princess Victoria's birthday on July 14.

Live with both city feel and sea life as neighbors

If you rent an apartment in Borgholm, you will have access to a wonderful sense of nature, cozy cafés and high-class restaurants. The harbor is easily accessible with several quays where the moorings are popular during the summer.

You also live close to the sea, where sun and swimming are always a welcome part of summer, for example at Kapelludden or Sjöstugan.

Do you want to move to one of Sweden's most charming cities? Then you should take a look at renting an apartment in Borgholm via Slättö.

Rent an apartment in Borgholm via Slättö

If you want to live in a town with an active life, many lovely restaurants and peace and quiet, this is the town for you. The many events, as well as the fine cultural heritage in the area, attract many tourists to Borgholm every year and it is often those who first visit the city as tourists who choose to move here in the end.

Do you also want to move to Borgholm? You can rent an apartment in Borgholm through Slättö. Look at our projects or existing apartments here and submit an expression of interest if you find an apartment you are interested in.

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