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A rendering from Västerås of the Poeten apartment buildings.

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Västerås is one of Sweden's coziest cities that doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. Maybe it's because this, Sweden's fifth largest urban area, is a little too close to Stockholm and ends up in the capital's shadow? In Västerås you live 10 miles from Stockholm City, with all the benefits of living in a big city, and the countryside around the corner. One of Sweden's fastest developing cities has a lot to offer, both for younger singles and families with children.

There are beautiful green areas, easy access to Lake Mälaren, fantastic career opportunities and a nice community that you will not find in many of our larger cities. Slättö builds and manages modern rental apartments and you can easily see our current projects and register interest on our website. project page. You can read more about our rental process via the link How to rent with us.

Västerås - an ambitious city

Rendering of an apartment building belonging to Poeten in Västerås.

Västerås is today Sweden's fifth largest urban area with a population of more than 110,000 people. So how did little Västerås become so big? The main reason is the many job opportunities available in the city. ABB and Nordiska Metall are probably the companies with the biggest presence in the city, but it was also in Västerås that both H&M and ICA were founded. While ABB is today one of the city's largest employers, the IT electronics and digital design industries have emerged in the city.

Residential areas in Västerås

If you are planning a move to Västerås, it might be a good idea to get to know the most popular residential areas in the city. This may be a smaller city in terms of area, but Västerås has a huge variety among its different neighborhoods and the rapid pace of development means that new popular residential areas are constantly popping up that can be interesting to look at.

Västerås is a city with a rich history and modern urban life. Here you will find a vibrant nightlife, exciting shopping and popular restaurants offering food from all over the world. From an active inner city to nature-oriented Rönnby in the north and new, modern Öster Mälarstrand, Västerås has residential areas to suit all kinds of people. Below you can read more about some of the most interesting residential areas in the city.

Västerås City

A city that feels more like a small town, central Västerås is full of green parks, idyllic shops and a calm that spreads out to all of Västerås' different neighborhoods. There is a wide range of rental and cooperative apartments in different sizes. If you want to live close to shopping and popular restaurants, Västerås City is probably a perfect place to live.

Öster Mälarstrand

A former industrial area that today has been transformed into one of the city's most popular and beautiful residential areas. Here they have built modern apartment buildings overlooking Lake Mälaren, with a focus on environmental friendliness. Living right by the water just a 20-minute walk from central Västerås is a dream for many young Västerås residents, and for those with a boat, Öster Mälarstrand is probably the most optimal neighborhood to move to today.


Karlsdal and Kristiansborg are two charming residential areas in northeastern Västerås. Several new apartment buildings have been built here in recent years, but the area is known for its slightly older, traditional buildings. City is only a short walk away and here you live with all the advantages of living centrally but a little closer to the highway for easier commuting. From Karlsdal you can also easily get to Mälardalen University, Carlforsska gymnasium and Arosvallen.


About 5 km north of Västerås City is charming and natural Rönnby. The area was developed in the 1970s and today consists mainly of condominiums and houses. A short distance from Rönnby is the Rocklunda outdoor area, which is one of Scandinavia's largest composite sports areas. Here you can play sports both indoors and outdoors, all year round. From Rönnby you can get to central Västerås by bus or bike in less than 20 minutes.


A well-planned residential area just outside the city with many families with children. Bäckby is located about 6 km west of central Västerås. Around the corner is Erikslund's trading place with all the services and shopping you can imagine. Living a bit outside the city also means that you live close to nature, in Bäckby there are several light trails and sports areas for active Västerås residents. Getting into town by bus takes about 20 minutes and half an hour by bike.

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