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Aerial view of Strandblick in Östersund with residential buildings, forest and water.

Rent an apartment in Östersund

Right next to Storsjön in Jämtland is Östersund, a versatile city with many attractive locations for those who appreciate a combination of city life and proximity to the mountains. Here you can choose to live a fast-paced life with lots of activities or have a quiet lifestyle with lovely nature and beautiful views outside the apartment. In Östersund you will also find a population that is incredibly welcoming and loves to receive new people.

Jämtland is known for its fantastic ski resorts and with a rental apartment in Östersund you live close to the mountains and can therefore quickly get to the country's best ski slopes whenever you feel like it. Even during the summer months, you have plenty of other available outdoor activities in the area, thanks to the proximity of forest and water.

Slättö builds and manages apartments in many of the most attractive parts of the country and through us you can rent an apartment in Östersund. Whether you are single and just got a job in the city or a family with children looking for a larger apartment in Östersund, you can find your next home with us.

Culture, food and sport

Aerial view of Strandblick in Östersund with residential buildings, forest and water.

In Östersund you will find award-winning restaurants and a great food culture. If you like to eat and live well, you will love this wonderful city. In addition to the many restaurants, Östersund also has a lot to offer in terms of culture and sports.

Both in Östersund and in the nearby neighboring cities, many international sporting events are held every year. An active association life gives those with special leisure interests the chance to quickly find other like-minded people to socialize with. There is also plenty for those interested in music and theater.

Residential areas with rental apartments in Östersund

Östersund is a city that is growing rapidly. Housing is being built at full speed and several new neighborhoods and residential areas have emerged in recent years. Many new homes are being built in Stadsdel Norr, Storsjö Strand and Mosebacken on Frösön. In these neighborhoods you will find many newly produced rental apartments in Östersund.

Even the more established neighborhoods are attractive, as they have more to offer in terms of charm and coziness. The older houses may not be as energy efficient or modern, but they have their own advantages. Outside the city, you'll also find many villages that offer an authentic countryside experience if you prefer that to living in the city.

Storsjö Strand has become very popular lately thanks to the combination of lake and mountain views and many modern apartments near the marina. But no matter where you rent an apartment in Östersund, you will always be close to forest and nature as well as nice and welcoming neighbors.

Rent an apartment in Östersund via Slättö

Aerial view of Strandblick in Östersund with residential buildings, forest and water.

As a municipality, Östersund is growing strongly and has huge potential for the future. There are plenty of career opportunities for both professionals and graduates. Finding a job in areas such as IT, healthcare, teaching, engineering, transportation and finance is no problem in Östersund. Many new kindergartens and schools are also being built to increase the capacity for new potential families with children who will live here in the future.

If you want to rent an apartment in Östersund, you can find your new rental apartment here at Slättö. We build and manage rental apartments in Östersund and many other popular locations throughout the country. Take a look at our projects or existing apartments and submit an expression of interest today. You'll find the entire rental process from expression of interest to contract signing. here. Our rental apartments are of a world-class standard and we place great emphasis on excellent service.

Rent an apartment in Östersund and live close to the mountains.

From Östersund, the ski slopes are never far away. Ski resorts like Bydalen, Vemdalen and Åre are all within a 2-hour drive from the city. Further afield, Idre and Funäsdalen are other popular choices for downhill skiers. Renting an apartment in Östersund means you can get to some of Sweden's best ski slopes every day of the winter.

Even those who prefer cross-country skiing have plenty of options. Thanks to the many ski trails near the city, you won't have to drive as far either. The beautiful nature surrounding Östersund is as attractive in winter as in summer, when skiing and skating are replaced by swimming and cycling.

An award-winning student city

For students, Östersund is an excellent student city. Mid Sweden University was named Student City of the Year 2018 and the whole of Östersund has a good reputation among former students. The city focuses on doing everything possible to make students feel comfortable here, both before, during and after university.

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