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Rent an apartment in Nybro

Nybro is known and appreciated for its proximity to green and blue, i.e. nature, parks and lakes. Nybro municipality has a great interest in sports and associations, where there are currently over 300 active associations. Glass is also a well-known concept for the town. here you can find available rental apartments in Nybro right now.

Live near greenery and lakes

There is plenty of greenery to enjoy in this town. Here you will also find Glasriket, which has been known since the 18th century for an extensive glass industry in the area. Nybro municipality is part of the unique Glasriket area, which has existed for several hundred years. The municipality offers cultural history, lots of nature experiences and a wide range of shopping and other activities.

If you rent an apartment in Nybro, you will have access to a wonderful sense of nature and a wide range of outdoor activities. The town has a broad interest in sports and associations and today has over 300 active associations for all ages. Nybro has also managed to achieve success in, for example, ice hockey, where it plays in the higher divisions in the country.

Do you want to move to Nybro? Then you should look at renting an apartment in Nybro via Slättö.

Rent an apartment in Nybro

If you want to live in a town with an active life, many lovely green areas and still have all the services you need close at hand, Nybro is for you.

Do you also want to move to Nybro? You can rent an apartment in Nybro via Slättö. The apartments are rented out by ARC Fastighetspartner AB. Click on the link here to see available apartments right now.

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