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Rendering of apartment building with back lawn in Luleå.

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Luleå is one of Norrland's major cities with a vibrant working life. It has become so popular to move to Luleå recently that there is a certain housing shortage in the city. This has of course led to many new construction projects being launched in the city and right now lots of new, modern apartments are being built in Luleå, both in already attractive areas and in neighborhoods that will grow more as Luleå grows.

In Luleå you live close to both city life and nature. The location on the Norrland coast also means that you live right next to an archipelago and, of course, large areas of forest. The fantastic local traffic makes it easy to get around the city and many people also cycle on the fine year-round cycle paths, as the districts are so close together.

Slättö builds and manages apartments in many places in Sweden and in Luleå we have completed 2 fine residential buildings in the Kronan district. To read more about our existing projects, as well as see all our future projects, you can click through to our website. project page. Registering interest in one of our apartments is the first step in our rental process. Read more about what happens between interest and signing the contract. here.

Luleå - An active city when nature

Rendering of apartment building with back lawn in Luleå.

When living in Luleå, you can expect a wide range of cultural events and leisure activities. The city has so much to offer both active outdoor people and those interested in culture. In Luleå you will find fine restaurants, art galleries, theaters and cinemas. There are also hundreds of associations, several gyms, skiing facilities and exercise trails that are available in both summer and winter.

The bicycle is the preferred vehicle of lulebon and this is clearly visible as the municipality has laid many nice bike lanes all over the city. Bike lanes that are maintained all year round and allow you to take your bike even during the winter months. The job market in Luleå is on the upswing and the city has gone from being an industrial city to giving more space to the service sector and a more creative business community. In Luleå, large employers such as Luleå Municipality, Region Norrbotten, Luleå University of Technology and SSAB have a large presence and attract many career seekers to the city every year. Several IT and consulting companies have also opened their doors in the city.

Residential areas in Luleå

In Luleå there are many different residential areas to choose from. There are 17 districts in and around central Luleå, as well as almost 40 villages in the countryside around the city. No matter where in the city you choose to live, you are always close to nature, the sea, the Lule River and sports facilities. Below you can read more about some of the city's most attractive residential areas.


Kronan is located about 3 km from Luleå, east of Skurholmsfjärden. Here you live within cycling and walking distance to several schools and popular workplaces. Cycling into the center takes less than 10 minutes and about a quarter of an hour with the local bus. Kronan was formerly a military area and since 1992 has slowly but surely been transformed into a small cultural village. In recent years, many residential buildings have also been built in the area and is today a neighborhood with enormous growth potential. In the area there are several exercise trails belonging to the outdoor area Ormberget and in winter you do not have to go far to get to a cross-country ski trail.


2.5 km north of Luleå city center is Bergviken, a residential area with villas and many condominiums. Here is IFK Luleå's home arena Skogsvallen and scattered around the entire neighborhood are several sports areas such as a gravel field, tennis court and sledding hill. At nearby Björkskatafjärden you will find Luleå Kajakklubb.In Bergviken there is a Montessori school and an independent school, both for students from preschool to grade nine.


Östermalm is one of the more central neighborhoods in Luleå. Despite its location in the middle of the city, you are not far from either water or nature here. It is almost as if the whole of Luleå has a perfect location between city and nature, something that is particularly evident in Östermalm. A bit to the east is Golfängen, a large outdoor facility with a restaurant and miniature golf. Getting to the city center takes only a few minutes' walk or even faster by bike. There are also many nice walking paths along the water and in the summer there is a bathing area at Lulsundet.


Southeast of central Luleå, on Svartön, lies Svartöstaden. An old working-class district that today is the country's only preserved shanty town. The steelworks in the area are still active and give the area its unique character. Many of the old houses that were built for workers in the area have now been renovated and are modern homes. Newer houses with apartments have also been built here in recent years. This is the residential area preferred by many of the city's creative, artistic and musical people.

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