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The front of an apartment building in the Kalmarporten neighborhood.

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In eastern Småland, right on the coast that connects the mainland to Öland, lies one of Sweden's most charming cities: Kalmar. Today, Kalmar is home to over 70,000 residents, and year after year, surveys show that over 90 percent of them are more than happy to recommend others to move there. The city hosts activities and events throughout the year and is a great city for families with children, young couples and students alike.

Slättö builds and manages tenancy rights all over the country. Through Slättö you can rent apartments in Kalmar and many other Swedish cities. We build modern apartment buildings with smart solutions and well thought-out floor plans. We also attach great importance to our customer service and do our utmost to ensure that our tenants are happy in our rental apartments.

Rent an apartment in Kalmar

The front of an apartment building in the Kalmarporten neighborhood.

Kalmar is a small city with many opportunities. It's a tourist town, a university town, a transportation hub and a great place to start a new life. The city is surrounded by beautiful nature, has its own natural archipelago and by taking the Öland Bridge across the sea, you can get to Sweden's second largest island in a quick weekend trip.

Renting an apartment in Kalmar means living in a historic city with happy and friendly neighbors. There are potential job opportunities for all newcomers and the beautiful location between nature and the sea means that outdoor enthusiasts can always find something to do in their spare time. Throughout the year, the municipality and local businesses organize events and activities for everyone living in or visiting the city.

Living with both city life and sea life as neighbors

If you are renting an apartment in Kalmar, you will have access to a lovely city center with a metropolitan feel and at the same time live in one of the country's most cultural-historical places. In central Kalmar you will find an active entertainment life with lots of lovely pubs and restaurants. There are always big concerts with famous artists and the city's students give the area a young feel.

You also live close to the sea and sun and swimming are always a welcome part of the summer. But here you don't have to go far to sail, windsurf or fish in the Kalmarsund bay. So if you live in the city center, you'll always have something fun to do in your spare time, no matter what your interests are. If you live a bit outside the city, you instead have beautiful natural areas and large forests as a neighbor and can pick mushrooms, go on long walks or find a lovely jogging path to exercise on.

Residential areas with rental apartments in Kalmar

Do you want to move to one of Sweden's most charming cities? Then you should look into renting an apartment in Kalmar through Slättö. We build modern residential buildings in some of the country's most attractive locations, including Kalmar.

But where in Kalmar should you live? Which neighborhood suits you best? Below we briefly describe some of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Once you've decided to rent an apartment in Kalmar, you can take a look at our available rentals. here.

Central Kalmar

Living centrally in Kalmar, just like in other cities, means living close to the city's most active areas. If you prefer to have popular restaurants and cafés on your doorstep and enjoy having lots of people around you, central Kalmar is just right. Here you'll be constantly reminded of the historical impact of Kalmar on the countryside thanks to the well-preserved architecture and the many old buildings that are today home to small shops, restaurants and pubs.

Old Town

When Kalmar residents talk about where to live, they often talk about which side of the railroad is the "right" side. In Gamla Stan you live in one of the city's most beloved neighborhoods and this is definitely the "right" side of the railway, no matter who you ask. In Gamla Stan, you have plenty of choice when it comes to restaurants and entertainment and can take walks through the city's historic streets with buildings that remain from Sweden's time of great power. If charming cobblestone streets and a central location are what you're looking for, look at rental apartments in Gamla Stan.


A bit north of Kalmar city, a modern residential area has been built. This new neighborhood is located right next to the older neighborhoods and gives the whole area a wonderful feeling of modern and classic in combination. Here you live close to nature and have the sea a short distance away.

Since Kraflösa is located a bit outside the city, you also have many large green areas and open spaces that you will not find in the middle of the city. The neighborhood has many schools and preschools for families with children, and you will also find an active club life for various interests. Many people here like to cycle to work to get some everyday exercise, which gives the area a safe atmosphere with less traffic.

Rent an apartment in Kalmar via Slättö

The front of an apartment building in the Kalmarporten neighborhood.

If you want to live in a city with an active nightlife, many great pubs and restaurants, where families with children and students live next door to each other, Kalmar is the city for you. The many events and concerts, as well as the fine cultural heritage in the area, attract many tourists to Kalmar every year and it is often those who first visit the city as tourists who choose to move here.

Do you also want to move to Kalmar? You can rent an apartment in Kalmar through Slättö and live modern in the city's most attractive locations. Take a look at our projects or existing apartments here and submit an expression of interest if you find an apartment you are interested in. Our rental apartments are of a high basic standard and are fully equipped to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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