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17 November 2022

Simple tips for smart packing

You have signed the rental contract and it's almost time to move. It's time to pack your life into boxes and move into your new home. Here you will find lots of simple and useful tips that will help you pack smart and make your move smoother. Plain island has compiled a wealth of moving tips, packing advice and some clever solutions on this page.

What is the best way to pack for a move?

Always start packing in time. It's easy to underestimate how much needs to be packed and how long it will take. If you start your packing a couple of weeks before the move by packing up things you don't use a little at a time, you won't have to rush when moving day approaches.

Another smart basic tip is to plan your packing smartly. Buy moving boxes, bubble wrap and other equipment you will need while packing well in advance. Book a larger moving truck rather than a smaller one if you're not sure how much stuff you have, and ask friends or family for help if you don't use a moving company.

Tips for moving clothes

Before you start packing clothes, you should first go through your wardrobe and clear out old and torn clothes or clothes you never use. The clothes that are still usable can be given to charity or sold at a second-hand market.

When it comes to packing, it's always a good idea to pack clothes in boxes that are half full but already heavy. You can put the clothes in the empty spaces between other things in the moving boxes, both to reduce the number of moving boxes and to prevent what is in the boxes from flying around and risking breaking during the move. An important rule of thumb when moving is not to have half-empty boxes or boxes where the contents are loose and can slide around.

Clothes hanging on hangers can be covered with garbage bags and packed in a large suitcase or moving box. That way, you can just hang the hangers in your new wardrobe right away without having to fuss with the hangers.

Repacking crockery, glassware and other kitchen items

Packing china and glassware safely is probably the most complicated part of moving. Delicate china and thin glasses are easily broken if not wrapped and packed properly. 

Using bubble wrap, newspaper and towels, wrap glasses and china individually before placing them in the moving box. Place a large towel in the bottom of the box so that the bottom is soft. Plates are best wrapped in newspaper and packed upright. Remember to mark glass and porcelain boxes so that the carrier knows that what's in the box is fragile. Also draw arrows on the sides so that the box is not accidentally placed on its side or upside down.

Paintings, mirrors and other breakable objects

Paintings and mirrors are also difficult to pack, as they often have jagged edges and are most vulnerable in the middle. Wrap these items in bubble wrap and blankets. Cover the delicate parts with corrugated cardboard or cardboard to prevent a sharp edge from tearing a hole in the painting or shattering the glass in the mirror. If they don't fit in a moving box, it's a good idea to put paintings and mirrors at the top of the moving box and make sure they don't slide around with rope or tape. 

How to pack heavy items for moving

Heavy items, such as books, kitchen appliances and cast iron pans, can make moving boxes too heavy. The smartest thing to do when packing is to mix heavy and light items in the boxes so that they are not too heavy. For example, if you have a lot of books, you can put books at the bottom of several boxes and put blankets or clothes on top of the books.

Make sure large storage furniture is empty.

Storage units and other furniture with storage should be completely empty when transported. Tape drawers and cabinets securely so that they don't accidentally open and hit something during the move. If you want to be extra careful with your furniture, you can wrap it in corrugated cardboard on a roll, which you can buy at most DIY stores.

Don't forget everything you need when you get to your new home.

Remember to always pack a backpack, suitcase or moving box with the essential items you need while you unpack the rest of your things. Keep your toothbrush, towels, toilet paper, cell phone charger and an extra change of clothes in a bag that you carry with you during the move.

Also pack a box of lamps, cleaning supplies, bedding, a couple of glasses, plates and cutlery in a separate box. These are things you will need, either during unpacking, or the first night after the move, so it's good to know which box they are in and unpack it first.

Mark the moving boxes with rooms and contents 

If you've packed everything that's going into the bedroom in one box and things to be stored in the storage room in another, it's nice to have them in the right room already during the move so you can begin decorate while unpacking. Mark your moving boxes by writing which room they go to and the person carrying the box to your new home can put the box in the right place right away. 

You can also write what the box contains on the sides of the box to make it easier to find what you're looking for if you don't have time to unpack everything on moving day. It's also good to mark if a box contains sensitive items and should not be placed at the bottom if the boxes are stacked.

Smart tips to remember when packing for a move

Here's a handy checklist to help you pack smartly for your move:

  • Start packing well in advance, so you have time to declutter, plan and organize your move.
  • Buy the boxes and equipment you need for packing
  • Mixing heavy and light items to prevent cartons from being overweight
  • Fill your boxes as best you can rather than using plastic bags or suitcases. The fewer 'packages' you have, the easier and faster the move will be.
  • Pack what you will need as soon as the removal van arrives in a separate box that you unpack first.
  • Put important documents, securities and things like your passport in a bag you can keep track of throughout the move.
  • Remember to drink enough and take a break to eat during the move so that you or you have enough energy to pack and unpack everything.
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