About Slättö

We create and care for people's homes and the environments in which they work or live - which comes with great responsibility. We have a proven ability to identify and utilize development potential in existing properties as well as in completely undeveloped areas. Together we create more attractive environments for our customers and for society at large.

Our competent and entrepreneurial team has extensive experience in transaction, management, project development and financing. Economic and social sustainability is a prerequisite for us. We want our customers to be satisfied. Our employees should feel proud. And our investors should feel secure.

Over time, Slättö has an ambition to grow in both existing and new investment areas. Our vision is to become the most respected investor within our chosen strategies.



We take initiative. All employees at Slättö share an ambition to constantly improve. We love what we do and always try a little harder. 


We create opportunities. Through creativity, we develop our business and our network and even find completely new opportunities. We encourage everyone's ideas in an unpretentious way.


We are reliable. Participating in the development of society comes with great responsibility - a task we are humble about. We take responsibility and deliver on our promises.


We value integrity. Being transparent at all stages is part of ensuring high standards in our work, which requires us to be open, honest and respectful.
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